Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park Project: Alloy Design + Bjarke Ingels Group

Brooklyn Bridge ParkThe Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation (BBP) has unveiled fourteen design proposals for two parcels at Pier 6 in New York City.
Brooklyn Bridge ParkLocated at Atlantic Avenue, the main southern entrance to the park, the Pier 6 development sites include two parcels, each roughly 10,000 square feet in area. Two new residential buildings, with a combined total of up to 430 residential units, will be located on these parcels.
Brooklyn Bridge ParkThe Pier 6 sites may also include some ground floor retail and up to 72 parking spaces. One of the Pier 6 parcels will have a maximum height of 315 feet, while the other has a maximum height of 155 feet.
Brooklyn Bridge ParkThe city has just received 14 new design proposals for the two remaining housing developments on the southern edge of Brooklyn Bridge Park.

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