Ankerkvartalet and Straensenteret by Snøhetta

AnkerkvartaletThe two projects at Ankerkvartalet and Straensenteret is set to vitalize the centre of Stavanger. A significant architectonic upgade and urbanization of the public space will arrange for new use.
AnkerkvartaletThe new architecture of Straensenteret is a prolongation of the lendepark as a green lounge in the city. By being able to walk on the roof of the building, the existing parkingplace is given back to the inhabitants along with a stunning view towards Vågen. Source by Snøhetta.
StraensenteretAnkerkvartalet there is a large shopping mall and construction will begin in 2017, while Straensenteret will begin in 2016.
StraensenteretLocation: Stavanger, Norway
Architects: Snøhetta
Area Ankerkvartalet: office 10,000 m2, retail 5,000 m2, parking 5,000 m2
Area Straensenteret: sales 3,000 m2, office 5,000 m2
Year: 2014
Straensenteret Straensenteret

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