Twin Towers in Dubai

Revealed plans for build world’s tallest Twin Towers in Dubai

Twin Towers in DubaiDevelopers Emaar Properties and Dubai Holdings has unveiled the master plan for its Dubai Creek Harbour, which includes the world’s tallest twin towers, for 6 million-square-meter.
Twin Towers in DubaiThe first phase, called the Dubai Creek Residences, will be a cluster of six towers and will also include retail elements, along with three hotels, including a Vida and Manzil-branded properties.
Twin Towers in DubaiLocated near the Ras Al Khor Bird Sanctuary, the master plan has been designed to accommodate 39,000 homes and 22 hotels in an area three times larger than downtown Dubai.
Twin Towers in DubaiThe height of the twin towers is still unknown, though they apparently won’t hold a candle to the neighboring world’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa. The joint development will also include environmentally sustainable ecosystems, integrated transportation systems and open leisure parks, according to the developers.
Twin Towers in DubaiThe waterfront project will also feature a dedicated retail district, pedestrian walkways, cultural amenities, educational facilities, healthcare centres and much more.

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