Design Shanghai 2018

Zaha Hadid Design at Design Shanghai 2018

Design Shanghai 2018

In a career spanning four decades, Zaha Hadid’s pioneering vision redefined architecture and design for the 21st Century and captured imaginations across the globe.

Design Shanghai 2018
Aqua Platter

Collaborating with the world’s most iconic brands to create exquisite one-off, as well as limited-edition pieces, Hadid’s works are within some of the world’s most respected museum collections and have been showcased in acclaimed retrospective exhibitions worldwide.

Design Shanghai 2018
Braid Double Candelabra

She created the “Zaha Hadid” label for her signature design pieces; each informed and inspired by her renowned architectural repertoire.

Design Shanghai 2018
Towers Chess Set Red

Zaha Hadid Design developed the collection, reinterpreting the relationships inherent throughout Hadid’s architecture.

Design Shanghai 2018
Mercuric Collection – Photo Jacopo Spilimbergo

The 2018 Collection conveys the unrivalled innovation within her work. Designed with Hadid’s unwavering belief in the power of invention in a diversity of materials both traditional and contemporary.

Design Shanghai 2018
Quad Tables – Photo Jacopo Spilimbergo

Outstanding new pieces continue the fluid lines and subtle, organic geometries that define the collection. Source and images Courtesy of Zaha Hadid Design.

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