Architectural Thesis Award 2019

Architectural Thesis Award 2019

Architectural Thesis Award 2019

Archistart promotes the second Architectural Thesis Award, the international thesis award, launched with the aim of promoting, rewarding and giving visibility to young talents in architecture.

Architectural Thesis Award 2018
ATA 2018 – Build to make a  change by Francesca Vittorini

The first and la second edition of the Architectural Thesis Award were a great success among young talents in architecture. There were, in the second edition, 226 participants from different nationalities with 152 projects.

Architectural Thesis Award 2018
ATA 2018 – Sant’Orsola Firenze by Filippo Fornai

The award includes a grant of € 2,000 in cash and the chance to participate in Archistart contests and workshops free of charge. Archistart also promotes a social contest on its portal: prizes consist of free participation to IAHsummer2019 (International Architecture Holiday) or free admission to an Archistart competition.

Architectural Thesis Award 2018
ATA 2018 – Santa Croce 59 by Matteo Molinari & Andrea Piattella

The contest is open to all recent graduates in architecture and building engineering who have developed a thesis project in the period from January 2016 to January 2019 in the following areas: architectural design and adaptive reuse, landscape architecture & Urban planning, structures and technological systems, parametric architecture.

Architectural Thesis Award 2019

Competition entries will begin 13th June, 2018 and will end 8th January (submission deadline 15th January) , 2019 and the results will be available in March 2019. Source and images Courtesy of Archistart.

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