A shelter from which to observe nature and wild animals in their natural habitat in Norway’s Dovrefjell National Park has been awarded the 2011 WAF prize in the Display category.
Dovrefjell National Park, a plateau that is home to reindeer herds, musk ox and arctic foxes, is a unique natural habitat which is not disturbed even by the presence of a shelter which fits harmoniously into its setting like a piece of wood sculpted by the wind. 


In this project, the Norwegian architectural practice provides a masterful example of how we can enjoy the beauty of nature with breathtaking views 1250 m above sea level, observing Snøhetta mountain, without being invasive.

Tverrfjellhytta is a 75 square metre rigid steel and glass container with an “soft” organic wooden core.

A fusion of traditional materials with modern construction technologies perfectly expressing the idea of sustainable integration, of buildings in an environment where the delicate balance of nature is preserved without renouncing a truly welcoming interior.

Design: Snøhetta Oslo, Norway, http://snoarc.no
Location: Hjerkinn, Dovre, Norvway
Photographs: Ketil Jacobsen (http://www.fotografica.no)

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