German street artist MegX spent four weeks transforming a once mundane traffic hot spot into a lively, lurid, lego land. Using only a Genie and a dream, MegX, under the commission of the local municipality, painted the entire ole Wuppertal Bridge, originally used a train line overpass, in lego-likeness hoping to add some playful color to the commute of cyclists and motorists alike.


The german commuters have been enjoying their super sized lego’s since October and it is to be assumed that this street artist has made a permanent mark on the new Wuppertal Bridge. As one can see, the piece is very simple in nature, but what the structure lacks in complexity it makes up for in pristine execution and flawless design.

The piece comes on the heels of similar lego inspired works from Lego animals at the Bronx Zoo to the first Lego Green House, but the effort is none the less appreciated; The world is getting a big ole dose of “legos on steroids,” and we definitely want more!
Location: Wuppertal, Germany
Artist: MegX 

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