Chinese firm People’s Architecture Office has recently designed the new ’21 cake headquarters’ for the popular gourmet pastry franchise in Beijing.

The design for the headquarters of 21 Cake, a popular gourmet cake franchise, relies on the interaction of the three primary colors: red, yellow and blue. 

The relationship of colour to form was of central significance to Kandinsky’s thinking. In 1925, Wassily Kandinsky created the oil painting entitled ‘Yellow, Red, Blue’, a remarkable display of colourful geometric art. Wassily Kandinsky painted this composition during the years he spent at the Bauhaus School of Art and Architecture where he was teaching; they would become the most productive years in his career.

De Stijl was a Dutch art movement in which Piet Mondrian and Gerrit Rietveld were among the principal members. De Stijl emphasized pure abstraction and the reduction of everything to the essentials of form and color. Everything was simplified to vertical and horizontal lines and primary colors. Unlike many contemporary movements, De Stijl was a collective project, not a political or social movement.

Selected walls of the office, namely those along circulation areas, are made of laminated colored glass.

These glass panels of primary colors are ‘layered’ to create a full spectrum of changing colors.

As one walks through the spaces of the office, changing vantage points in combination with natural and artificial light and reflections produce dramatic effects. 

A double height central atrium topped with a skylight brings in light through the layers of color along the staircase and glass bridge on the second floor.

Conference tables and mobile work tables are designed and produced by our sister company PIDO.

The office is fairly plain from the outside, but adding this simple detail inside gives it more character than most office conversions.

Architects: People’s Architecture Office
Location: Legend Town Creative Industry Park, Ciyunsi Bridge, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Design Team: Liu Xiujuan, Liang Shaoyi, Chen Yixuan, Emily Kwak, Cui Yujing
Project Year: 2012
Project Area: 457.0 sqm
Client: 21 Cake

Photographs: Courtesy of People’s Architecture Office

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