100% Design is a high-profile event with a global reach. In 2011 over 1,500 members of the press visited from the UK, Europe, and places as far-flung as US, China, the Middle East, Australia and South Africa.
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Over 420 articles about the show were generated in the UK alone, half of which were preview pieces that came out before the event. The overall PR reach exceeded 80 million in 2011 for a campaign value of over £5 million.
100% design 2011
100% Design 2012, the UK’s leading and most visited contemporary design event is in its 18th year and is set to be the most successful ever staged.

Last years event attracted over 18,000 visitors and this year with former Deputy Director of LDF, William Knight at the helm, and the broad spectrum of new talent, fresh ideas and innovative design, 100% Design 2012 is set to remain the essential event to visit for the industry diary.

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