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The Saint Petersburg project of “Expoforum” developed by Eugene Gerasimov and Sergey Choban has entered the phase of active implementation. According to the renovated version of the project, the Shushary congress and exhibition complex will get golden facades and impressive parabolic marquees.

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The complex will be built in the Pushkinsky district of Saint Petersburg, on the ground of the former “Shushary” state-owned farm: located a ten minutes’ drive away from the “Pulkovo” airport, this site borders on the Peterburgskoe Highway, the Pulkovo Lake, and the residential area that belongs to the farm.

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“Expoforum” includes the expo, congress, and business centers, 3 and 4-star hotels, as well as a freight forwarding unit and the engineering infrastructure facilities without which launching such a massive organism into operation would have been impossible. The congress center, the hotels, and the two business centers are joined together and placed in the front housing line – one can say that these are the magnificent upper branches of that “tree” and the main facade of the entire “Expoforum”, its “face” that will welcome the visitors coming down the Peterburgskoe Highway.

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Location: St. Petersburg, Russia

Design Team: Gerasimov E.L., Tchoban S.E., Hivrich V.F., Lassen M. (Matthias Lassen), Golovko O.V., Oskolkova T.B., Markov I.G., Soluyanov I. F. nps tchoban voss: Valeria Kashirina, Igor Markov, Kenan Ozan, Dorothee Dietz, Hannes Topper, Silvia Grischkat, Rene Hoch Werner Sobek Ingenieure

Year: 2013
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