Downtown Miami provides an exhilarating cityscape for people always on the go. As a central business district of Miami, downtown Miami provides easy access to office areas as well as a slew of art centers, company headquarters, government offices, banks, parks and education centers, nothing is more suited as the home of One Thousand Museum.

One Thousand Museum will be Zaha Hadid’s first skyscraper in the western hemisphere, and a signature building of the Miami skyline. Set to open by 2018, the 62-story residential tower consists of 83 units costing anywhere from $4 to $30 million each. Among the highly luxurious features are a helipad and an amenity deck with multiple pools and cabanas.


The units are massive and packed with enough features to entertain any Miami sun worshiper during their indoor moments, such as private elevators, media rooms, midnight kitchens, and libraries. Full-floor units will measure approximately 11,000 square feet each and will be available in two distinct layouts. Half floor units will measure 5,400 square feet and townhouse units will measure 8,600 square feet.


A double height space exists at the ground floor providing prime leasable area, a dramatic corner cutaway, and a distinct drop off entrance. The corner cutaway is a beacon attracting the attention of pedestrian and vehicular traffic at ground level. This multi-height cut-away is a feature entrance that will attract high-end retail or restaurant tenants, as well as, becoming a memorable destination point for the Clientele.


The drop off entrance is carved from the podium volume to announce the arrival point to the tower. The lobby is a nearly continuous, fluid form connecting what is interior to the exterior drop-off lanes. Material consistency inside and out will also unite the spaces. A restrained material palette and colour scheme is envisaged where colour is used sparingly against a neutral background to accent areas or items of interest.


The podium is conceived as a sculptural extension of the tower with the amenity deck design complementing the geometric logic of the exoskeleton. The tower exoskeleton pushes into the podium deck to create pools of water resulting in a rich spatial variety. The pool, landscape and water feature configuration also helps to zone the deck into areas for sun bathing, outdoor grilling and outdoor exercise.


The exclusive top of tower amenity zone benefits from some of the best views Miami has to offer. Event space, pre-function rooms and private dining sit on the upper amenity level. The event space has double height views over the pool to one side and views of the bay to the other. A helipad rests on top of the volume where residents can arrive in the utmost luxury to OTM and then proceed to the ultimate arrivals / departures lounge.


The contrast between the solid, massive exoskeleton structure and the crystalline glazing system beyond is one of the defining characteristics of the tower. A similar design approach to the tower and podium helps to unify the design so that it appears as one coherent architectural vision.


The Podium façade is largely solid, both to express a solid volume that has been carved into and to conceal the car park beyond. Although the façade appears solid, perforated panels are used to allow for the necessary ventilation. This helps to ensure visual continuity between tower and podium.


The structure is integral to the unique expression of One Thousand Museum, appearing as a continuous piece of sculpture from podium base to the top of tower. GRC casings enclose and form the concrete exoskeleton structure, so that external cladding and internal finish are achieved simultaneously with the same material. The contrast in materials between the matte, cementitious expressed structure and the smooth, reflective glass façade gives the impression of a crystal behind a structural, sculptural framework enclosure.







Location: Miami, USA
Architect: Zaha Hadid architects
Project: 2013
info: curbed

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