We believe change or new is not a sole creation from nothing but rather evolution from the past. Designing the cultural center was a task to reveal what could be the image of modern and contemporary Taiwan Architecture. Cultural center is a good place to express the identity of the Taiwan.


In respect of the past architecture, the main idea was driven by its elements in historical buildings which have had its form of curve, wooden structure, prolonged canopies and so on. The overall geometry was created as if it follows the beauty of the nature.


So, the ideas of the new cultural center have its beauty of extended and cantilevered canopy with curved roof area. Its style and materials are generated from the traditional elements as much as Taiwanese would easily find and feel comfortable with its usual elements in their past.


Plus, as Taiwan is the place where very hot summer continues more than 5 months per year, the design of covered area is very much necessary in the region. The inclined walls or upside down distorted pyramid walls will simply create enough shade for people to use the facilities underneath them and approach to the entrance area.


Furthermore, its wooden curved façade is cladded to the internal structure system to avoid the direct sunlight also the interior structure inclined each other to create unique spatial moments through its structure system.


Location: Taiwan

Architect:TheeAe LTD. | Woohyun Cho

Site area:26,000 sm

Construction size:Level B2 ~ L5

Total floor area:67,000 sm

Building cost:USD 80,000,000.00

Year: 2013

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