The Green Valley project is located on the former 2010 Shanghai World Expo site immediately next to the iconic Chinese pavilion. The Green Valley development will become a new central urban development in Shanghai, integrating new sustainable solutions in both the urban design and the individual buildings on the site.



The Shanghai World Expo in 2010 placed emphasis on the future sustainable development of the formal industrial dockyard area of the city. The Expo event itself transformed this area into a new destination for the city.


What remains after the Expo event is over and most of the pavilions are torn down is a strong and well-developed infrastructure with green parks, promenades and cultural attractions.


The Green Valley project will mark the heart of the new permanent development of the site. With offices, shops and restaurants, Green Valley will become a new destination not only for the main users of the area but for people from Shanghai in general.


A central open space composed of greenery, water and a soft landscape runs through the middle of the site. It functions as the spine of the Green Valley. This open space splits the site equally into two, with two major buildings located on each side.


The buildings have a large, connected structure, tightly choreographed to set a new scene for urban life. It will act as a guiding element in the development of the entire area.


The buildings are designed to offer modern office facilities with a high standard of finish, flexibility, consideration of environmental issues, and low operating costs. The design expresses openness and accessibility, with a strong identity.


The green hanging gardens inside the open atriums will be visible from the surrounding areas, and the people working in the buildings will be offered a great view to the greenery and city beyond.


Location: Shanghai, China

Local architect:ECADI (East China Architecture and Design Institute)

Area: 50,000 m²

Competition:2012, 1st prize in invited international competition

Status: Construction period 2013 – 2015

Client: Shanghai EXPO Construction Development Co. Ltd.

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