Flinders Street Station Design Competition by Herzog & De Meuron + Hassell

Flinders Street Station

Flinders Street StationThe proposal integrates the station with the surrounding precincts that have grown up around it, providing better linkages between the CBD and the Yarra River.
Flinders Street StationThe proposal respects the linear nature and use of the site (East – West) as a strong marker and element between the city grid and the river. The laneway and movement patterns from the city, station to public transport and river are intertwined and connected.
Flinders Street StationWe provide significant civic space while allowing for a distinctive and memorable architectural outcome with a variety of uses.
We create public amenity of the highest order and celebrate the architectural and urban qualities of the city with a distinguished and innovative design that enlivens the urban realm.
Flinders Street StationWe provide universal and diverse access opportunities from north to south. Historic views are maintained, and although our concept extends beyond the site boundary, the overall and integrated ideas operate and fully function regardless of these installations.
Flinders Street StationGreater activation to the immediate west and western end of the site improves the northern and southern transit routes with the introduction of an open public access way through the Banana Alley Vaults and the new Welcome Place public space in front of the Immigration Museum.
Flinders Street Station Flinders Street Station Flinders Street Station Flinders Street Station

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