Municipal Office Leyweg by Rudy Uytenhaak

Municipal Office Leyweg

The Municipal Office in Leyweg is the ‘second town hall’ of The Hague. It is a symbol of the renaissance of the southwest area of The Hague acting as a catalyst for renewal in the district.

02-Municipal-Office-Leyweg-by-Rudy-UytenhaakThis ambition is expressed in the building’s height and through its appealing open form with a feel for scale and detail. Municipal services and a library make up the building’s base with offices and apartments above.03-Municipal-Office-Leyweg-by-Rudy-UytenhaakNew and “proven” construction techniques are used inventively resulting in an expressive form that is spatially surprising, flexible, functional and durable.04-Municipal-Office-Leyweg-by-Rudy-UytenhaakThe facade is a multifaceted relief made of beautiful white Norwegian marble, building on the qualities created by the Dutch architect Willem Marinus Dudok, with their original modernist optimism.05-Municipal-Office-Leyweg-by-Rudy-UytenhaakInside, the atrium addresses the task at hand, making a centre for both residents and decision-makers alike.06-Municipal-Office-Leyweg-by-Rudy-UytenhaakMunicipal public service desks, information facilities and a public library are situated on the ground floor. The wedding hall, staff restaurant and meeting centre are located on the first floor.07-Municipal-Office-Leyweg-by-Rudy-UytenhaakOn a higher level, above the atrium roof, is the municipal health service, while the multi-purpose building unfolds around the triangular atrium. The upper nine storeys are made up of apartments.08-Municipal-Office-Leyweg-by-Rudy-UytenhaakThe Hague Municipal Council aims to be a transparent organisation. In this new municipal office, contact both with the outside world and within the organisation is enhanced by the building’s triangular form.09-Municipal-Office-Leyweg-by-Rudy-UytenhaakThe workstations are placed in an open-plan office design around the atrium, allowing  staff sightlines to each other and to other departments. Informal contact between employees and different departments are reinforced due to the corridor circuit on each floo10-Municipal-Office-Leyweg-by-Rudy-UytenhaakIn addition by breaking open the corners of the triangular form, informal meeting points are created with extensive views to the surroundings.

Location: The Hague, The Netherlands

Architects: Rudy Uytenhaak
Contractor: BAM
Area: 32,600 sqm
Year: 2011

Client: The Hague City Council







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