IBA Inselparkhalle by Allmann Sattler Wappner Architekten

IBA Inselparkhalle

IBA InselparkhalleThe nature of the public space surrounding the site and the access route form the starting point of the design for the hall complex at the IBA Hamburg – the International Building Exhibition.
IBA InselparkhalleThe four different facades of the building at the entrance to the park for the International Garden and Horticulture Exhibition 2013 in Hamburg Wilhelmsburg interact with the open space immediately in front.
IBA InselparkhalleThis has the effect that the large volume is divided into four screen-like areas which form a contrast to the homogenous interior.
IBA InselparkhalleDue to the strict cuboid shape of the building, the different surfaces are linked in a Janus-faced arrangement giving the impression of four equal fronts.
IBA InselparkhalleThe themes of the individual facades “welcoming”, “supplying”, “recycling” and “vertical lawn” are, like the written text, four chapters of a single story.
IBA InselparkhalleThe facade with its framed vertical gardens invites the visitors into the building. Interior and exterior merge, separated thermally only by a frameless glass facade.
IBA InselparkhalleThe cost of this entrée is balanced by that for the facade on the north side which is made of recycled wooden pallets. At the same time, the utilisation of this material is an iconic reference to the IBA’s topic: Welt der Häfen (world of ports).
IBA InselparkhalleThe facade facing southeast, made of polycarbonate, collects energy for the building. The vertical lawn is an accessible shelf set in front of the southwestern facade, which functions as an extension to the swimming pool’s limited space.
IBA InselparkhalleThe roof is designed as a fifth facade with areas intended for different purposes lined up next to each other in the form of a barcode.
IBA InselparkhalleLocation: Hamburg, Germany
Competition Architects: Pedro Ferreira (Project Manager), Leila Hussein, So Hyun Jung, Sebastian Kordowich, Florian Kurbasic, Thorsten Overberg, Danijela Roksandic, Katharina Thomas
Project Manager Realisation: Thorsten Overberg
Project planning swimming pool: bs2architekten
Project planning basket ball hall: Architekten Partner
Structural Engineer: Knippers Helbig Ingenieure Gmbh
Structural planning: Knippers Helbig Ingenieure GmbH
Energy Consultant: Transsolar Energietechnik Gmbh
Building physics: Kurz u. Fischer GmbH
Gross floor area: 10.000 m2
Gross volume: 560.000 m3
Total costs incl. VAT: € 6,9 Miolion
Year: 2013
Client swimming pool hall: Bäderland Hamburg GmbH
Client sports centre: InselAkademie, Sport- und Schulungszentrum Wilhelmsburg GmbH
Photographs: Meike Hansen
IBA Inselparkhalle IBA Inselparkhalle IBA Inselparkhalle IBA Inselparkhalle

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