Wooridongin Architects Wins Magok Central Squares Competition

Magok Central Squares

Magok Central SquaresThe plaza is a great traffic node since it is where the subway lines 5, 9 and Incheon Airport train cross. Its close location to Han River greenery and ecosystem aligning with the River, Jungang Park and Green Area Connectors makes it to be part of a continuous open space system. By installing a bridge, the aim was not only to link two facilities, Jungang Park and the Green area connector, due to the Festival Street and also for the viewing function and streetscape characterization so that it could act as a landmark.
Magok Central SquaresThe pedestrian pathway in western business area is connected with Festival Street, through that linkage the green area connector flows into the sunken plaza. The exterior skin on the Pedestrian Bridge is composed of solar panels, glass, green wall, LED lights. The electricity collected by the solar panels is used by LED lights controlled by the movement of visitors walking through Pedestrian Bridge.
Magok Central SquaresThe sunken plaza on the basement level introduces different variable installations to contain diverse activities. Surrounding terracing and vertical circulation connecting to ground level add more layers to the space which offers more complex visualization. Commercial facilities that require higher accessibilities are located on substructure of the terracing, a connection to subway and train terminal is arranged on the second basement level. Together it becomes a mid-rise underground shopping center with exhibiting place.
Magok Central SquaresThrough a perforated opening natural lighting and ventilation is allowed in the underground space. Furthermore, Eco-friendly elements such as Terraced afforestation awning installation, rainwater catchment facility, as well as using geothermal and solar energy will help conserve energy. Thus, we hope to see the Magok sunken plaza serving diverse activities of the city as if a living organism and weaved into surrounding city integrating movements of the city with programs applied in and outside of the plaza.
Location: Gangseo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Architects: Wooridongin Architects
Lead Architects: YoonKyung Rho & Sangbeom Han
Project Team: Jeayong Choi, Seok-kyung Hong, Hyojung Yoon, Hannah Jeong, Aeree Rho
Structure: RC + SRC
Total Floor Area: 20,865.1 m2
Lot Area: 12,797 m2
Year: 2012
Client: SH Corporation

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