Altinkoza Residences by Hatirli Mimarlik

Altinkoza Residences

Altinkoza ResidencesThe project involves the construction of a tower in the Çankaya district of the city of Ankara, capital of Turkey, in large urban expansion.
Altinkoza ResidencesA project created by Yeşim and Nami Hatirli, of the study Hatirli Mimarlik based in the same Ankara.
Altinkoza ResidencesThe project involves the construction of a total volume of 175,000 m2, to be realized in the coming years, on a plot of 18,270 m2.
Altinkoza ResidencesPlanimetrically the building takes the shape of an S-curve to adapt to the particular topography of the terrain and the shape of the site where the tower will be built.
Altinkoza ResidencesA base at multiple levels creates a lower mass on which rests the upper part, which keeps the particular wavy shape, made up of 22 floors, plus accessories and aerial.
Altinkoza ResidencesThe base, the lower part is duplicated, creating a green space similar to a “canyon” on which overlook the main spaces, shopping areas and access to the garage.
Altinkoza ResidencesThe project has a strong plasticity in the forms and volumes that are sculpted to create a clear territorial reference.
Altinkoza ResidencesAlthough in a green area, look for a dialogue with the city by conforming to new measures provided for in the area.
Altinkoza Residences

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