Art Gallery of Alberta by Randall Stout Architects

Art Gallery of Alberta

Art Gallery of AlbertaThe new Art Gallery of Alberta was conceived as an engaging and stimulating center for contemporary art in Edmonton.
Art Gallery of AlbertaCelebrating its prominent location on Sir Winston Churchill Square, the main civic and arts public square in the city, the project represents the museum’s commitment to enhancing the public’s experience of the visual arts.
Art Gallery of AlbertaFrom the beginning of the design competition, the design team was focused on designing a project that would formally and philosophically extend out into the community.
Art Gallery of AlbertaThe museum’s public spaces are reinvented in a language of sinuous stainless steel surfaces, peeling off of one another, creating opportunities for generous views and natural light within the building.
Art Gallery of AlbertaWall and ceiling become one fluid surface which captures the spatial volume of the building and guides the public flow through entry points, wrapping event and gathering spaces, and leading up to the galleries.
Art Gallery of AlbertaAs destinations, the gallery boxes read solid and neutral against the light, dancing forms of the public space. Transparent glazing planes and reflective metal surfaces animate the building, exposing the activities within and engaging people and art at multiple levels on both the interior and exterior.
Art Gallery of AlbertaSelected to reflect Edmonton’s dramatic weather patterns and the extreme contrast of the long days of summer and the short days of winter, these materials create a dynamic quality that allow the building to transform along with its natural surroundings.
Art Gallery of AlbertaNot only does the building change throughout the day, it changes from season to season. Crafted of patinaed zinc (mined and manufactured in Canada), stainless steel, and high performance glazing, the building will have a timeless appearance and extraordinary durability in the northern climate.
Art Gallery of AlbertaA massive ribbon of stainless steel wraps around and through the building serving both functional and visual architectural elements. Dubbed “The Borealis”, this represents the northern lights, a frequent phenomenon of the Edmonton night sky.
Art Gallery of AlbertaThe sleek curving borealis is paneled using Angel Hair Stainless Steel surface. This surface treatment gives the building its muted glow, reducing and nearly eliminating any harsh glare from the sun.
Art Gallery of AlbertaLocation: Edmonton, Canada
Structure System: Concrete+Steel Frame
Area: 7,800 m2
Extent: 5 stories
Year: 2010
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