Mixed Use Luxury Development by Woods Bagot

Mixed use luxury development

Mixed use luxury developmentThis mixed use development designed by WoodsBagot takes inspiration from the precision of engineering and design that goes into some of the most luxurious and elegant sports cars.
Mixed use luxury developmentWanda Kunming is to be located in the heart of the Beijing CBD and will revolutionise the concept of the mixed use development. The design is based on the concept of luxury automobile designers and their ability to subtly locate character or ‘bone lines’ to provide refinement in their vehicle designs.
Mixed use luxury developmentTherefore in creating this concept Woods Bagot has created a design that uses unique organic sweeps in order to create a distinctive facade that unifies the mass elements of the complex.
Mixed use luxury developmentThis truly modern complex will contain state of the art office towers, retail space, an inner city park as well as a full furnished shopping mall.

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