Qingdao New Airport by RBTA

Qingdao New Airport

Qingdao New AirportStrategically located, the city of Shandong is part of a network of metropolis within the “Blue economic Zone”.
Qingdao New AirportThis economic program promotes trade relations between the northern countries Korea and Japan and Hong Kong.
Qingdao New AirportIn this regards, Qingdao has launched a public competition for the design and construction of a new airport.
Qingdao New AirportThe scheme includes the design of the master plan and a new terminal, which should give a boost to civil aviation, both passenger and cargo flights.
Qingdao New AirportThe new airport located 40 km north of the city center, on the west bank of Dagu river, will be part of the national transport infrastructure.
Qingdao New AirportThe new terminal, to replace the existing one, will operate mainly domestic and cargo flights.

Qingdao New AirportThe design should allow phased development within a 18.3 km2 site, to process 38 million passengers/year in 2025 and 58 to 60 million passengers/year in 2045.
Qingdao New AirportRicardo Bofill Tallerde Arquitectura (RBTA) local partner was the chinese design company BIAD.
Qingdao New Airport

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