Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Plan

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Tokyo 2020 Olympic GamesThe Tokyo 2020 Games will raise environmental awareness and encourage action, with sport as a driving force. A favourable environment is an essential element in achieving outstanding performance.
Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games
International Broadcast Center

Plans for designing and building sustainable Venues 15 of the 37 competition venues that will host events for the Tokyo 2020 Games will be existing buildings, and 28 of these venues are located within 8 km of the Olympic Village, minimising the travel environmental footprint, especially through the maximum use of public transport, and helping make the Games operations efficient.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games
Olympic Village

Venues will be built or renovated according to strict green building standards and guidelines. Also, because new venues will be built on vacant land within urban areas, they will have no adverse effect on local communities, natural or cultural resources. For all athletes, the Olympic Village is the heart of the Olympic Games and for Tokyo 2020. Tokyo 2020 will provide a single Olympic Village at the waterfront site of Harumi Pier, one of the main gateways to Tokyo.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games
Olympic Gymnastic Centre

In the Tokyo 2020 Games plan, we have incorporated:
• Existing venues representative of the very heart of Olympic legacy. In continuous use and with regular upgrades since the Tokyo 1964 Olympic Games, venues used for those Games have played an important part in the life of Tokyo and 56 years later are evidence of Tokyo and Japan’s commitment to sport and the power of a sustainable vision.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games
Olympic Velodrome

• Existing venues, located in iconic buildings and surrounds, which serve the sporting, cultural and economic needs of the city and the region. Many of these venues have already hosted events at the highest levels of international sport. Some will be appropriately refurbished for the 2020 Games and all of them will be capable of delivering the highest standard of Games operations and sports presentation, in collaboration with the International Federations.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games
Ariake Arena

• New permanent venues that are woven into the vision and needs of modern Tokyo, sustainably filling existing gaps in the provision of sport and cultural centres and responding to the identified needs of a growing, vibrant metropolis.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games
Olympic Aquatics Centre

• Temporary venues delivered to the highest standards by creative designers who keep sustainability high on their agenda. Each Games expands the boundaries of this venue delivery system and Tokyo 2020 will use Japan’s position as one of the world’s leading innovators to deliver venues worthy of Olympic sport, with plans and practices of highly sustainability.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games
Olympic Stadium by Zaha Hadid

• Venues that will be practical and dynamic hosts to both the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games events, through Tokyo’s commitment to universal design standards and barrier free environments.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games
Miyagi Stadium

Of the 37 proposed Tokyo 2020 competition venues, 15 venues (41%) exist, with 2 of these benefitting from permanent refurbishment required for the 2020 Games.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games
Saitama Stadium

The choice of venues, their construction status and their location, whilst ensuring the Tokyo 2020 Games remain strongly athlete-focused and compact, is also fully aligned with the social, development and sustainability agenda for Tokyo, especially under the long-term urban plan “Tokyo Vision 2020”
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