Cristal Riviera by Périphériques Architectes + A/Lta + Hamonic & Masson

Cristal Riviera

Cristal RivieraThe Féval city-block is a significant part of the renovation program performed around the Rennes rail-station. The urban project is developed by FGP and Territores.
Cristal RivieraThe project suggests to develop a new territory to connect the two sides of the city involving changes in landscape and topography.
Cristal RivieraThe railway road passes through urban structures like a river would pass through giant tectonic monuments in a form of large crystals.
Cristal RivieraThe project consists of three buildings made ​​by 3 different architects, the whole project is structured around a landscape rift. Cristal RivieraThe “crystals” are carved in a way to make the inner territory be reachable by sunlight. We defined a section of the office by calibrating floors to 3.40m slab to slab. Savings in the height of each floor added up to one additional floor for the 28m building.
Cristal RivieraThus this solution created a large area which gives us the flexibility to “cut” large volumes to produce fancy crystal-like shapes making all composition more spectacular.
Cristal RivieraThis ability to resize volumes allows us to create a valley where the three buildings meet on the Féval Street and allow daylight to enter into the center of the block.
Cristal RivieraSuccess of the Féval city-block depends heavily on the quality of the infrastructure on the ground floors of the three buildings. We paid particular attention to increasing accessibility to the inner spaces from the outside.
Cristal RivieraLocation: Ilot Féval – Zac Eurorennes, Rennes, France
Architects: Périphériques Architectes + a/LTA + Hamonic&Masson
Project Manager: Anne Clerget, Julie-Laure Anthonioz, Gwénaël Le Chapelain, Alexandre Plantady, Benjamin Exbrayat
Assistants: Claire Gaudin, Maud Armagnac, Vania Leandro
Structure: INGEROP
Area: 21 640 m2
Cost: € 30 Mil including VAT
Competition: 2013
Client: Groupe Brémond

Cristal Riviera Cristal Riviera Cristal Riviera Cristal Riviera Cristal Riviera Cristal Riviera

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