Luminous Moon-Gate by Form4 Architecture

Luminous Moon-Gate

Luminous Moon-GateLocated in the Gateway District of Taichung Gateway Park, the library and museum designed by Form4 Architecture act as both a cultural landmark and entrance to the greater Park.
Luminous Moon-GateThe library is located in the horizontal oval space, while the museum takes up the vertical part of the complex. The buildings feature largely glass surfaces that draw passersby throughout the day and serve as a beacon of activity at night, following the idea that transparency of knowledge leads to collective achievements.
Luminous Moon-GateEach oval’s axes point visitors toward the park, with the library sitting on an axis that extends to the city. The Moon-Gate follows the design firm’s philosophy that, with a commitment to improving society, architecture is inherently sustainable. High porosity between buildings allows wind to freely flow around the exteriors; low porosity materials facilitate better control over water and heat retention.
Luminous Moon-GateFiltration systems throughout the interior and under-slab ventilation maintain steady temperatures. High-efficiency photovoltaic panels installed on top of the library and museum take advantage of the large surface area exposed to the sun, while energy-efficient lighting provides energy savings.
Luminous Moon-GateThe ground plane, which features depressions for collecting storm water for the building’s use, integrates with the park’s native plant life and features open spaces for pedestrian activity.
Luminous Moon-GateRecycled and recyclable building materials and recyclable waste storage facilities further reduce the Moon-Gate’s environmental footprint, rendering the project as not only a cultural model but also an ecological benchmark. Luminous Moon-Gate was designed in 2013 for the Taichung City Cultural Center International Competition, won by Saana (see project).
Luminous Moon-GateThe objective was to design a public library and fine arts museum to distinguish itself as a city with arts and culture at its core. To achieve this, the design firm was tasked with creating accessible, attractive, and flexible space, and a rich social and recreational learning environment. 
Luminous Moon-Gate Luminous Moon-Gate Luminous Moon-Gate Luminous Moon-Gate

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