Novotel Hotel Linkong Block 16-1 by Aedas

Novotel Hotel

Novotel HotelLinkong Block16-1 comprises a 350 key 5-star Novotel Hotel with a site area of 15,485 sq m and a GFA of 38,712 sq m. The overall design derived from a “floating courtyard” concept and utilizes the verticality of the structure to create a well defined zoning which consists of public (retail podium), semi-public (leisure and hotel amenities) and private (hotel guestrooms) zones.
Novotel HotelIn addition to rational zoning, the design promotes a strongly interactive relationship among different functions, transforming zoning diagram into a building mass and spatial effect which are unique yet powerful. The building mass comprises two components, one as the retail podium base ‘floating’ along the water’s edge with spacious waterscape that provides a visual relief from the bustling traffic of Beidi Road, and the other as a courtyard style guestroom structure which seems like “floating” in the air.
Novotel HotelTwo storeys in a staggered pattern are fitted between these two volumes to provide a water cascade, F&B and a public open courtyard as one of the hotel auxiliary facilities.All three spaces are combined into an integral whole to offer completely different visual and spatial experiences during day and night, catering to different users’ needs. With iconic architectural design and distinctive spatial arrangement, the proposed design is set to become a signature postcard building for Linkong Park.

Novotel Hotel

Location: Shanghai, China
Architect: Aedas
Gross floor area: 38,712 square meters
Year: 2013
Client: Kingboard Chemical Holdings Ltd

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