Rush University Medical Center by Perkins+Will

Rush University Medical Center

Rush University Medical CenterIn 2004, Rush University Medical Center revealed plans to embark on the most comprehensive construction and facilities improvement project in its nearly 175-year history.
Rush University Medical CenterDubbed the Campus Transformation Project, the sweeping plan called for investment in new technologies and facility design that would modernize operations for the 21st century and reorient the campus around the comfort of patients and their families.
Rush University Medical CenterThe new building houses diagnostic facilities and 386 patient rooms, and the program very much dictated the structure. The orthogonal six-story volume at the base of the building houses treatment facilities, operating rooms, radiology suites, and the emergency department, and care was taken to share resources between departments wherever possible.
Rush University Medical Center”Patient rooms are housed in the five uppermost levels, which take the form of a four-pointed star. The unique footprint ensures that each patient room is identical, to create efficiency for the staff, while maximizing the amount of exterior wall surface and the number of windows. This allows daylight into, and views from, each patient room” says Ralph Johnson, FAIA, of Perkins+Will.
Rush University Medical Center“Rush enlisted us to plan and design the transformation, which included a new 840,000 square foot state-of-the-art hospital building, a new medical office building (the largest orthopedics care facility of its kind in the Midwest), and a centralized power plant/parking garage.
Rush University Medical CenterThe existing hospital building, connected to the new hospital tower with a 10,000 square foot entry pavilion. To address the unique needs of this large undertaking, we established a multidisciplinary office along with the program manager and key subconsultants on the project site.
Rush University Medical CenterColocating with the client and full project team allowed design staff to experience firsthand the daily challenges taking place inside an urban hospital, from working through “code-reds” to riding the elevators with patients on gurneys. It also made the client a close partner in the design process, with architects and designers having daily face-to-face access to decision makers or users for extra review and insight.
Rush University Medical CenterWith smart, environmentally friendly use of resources, strategic reorganization of logistics, and architecture that optimizes the experience of those who inhabit and use it every day, the new Rush University Medical Center campus has transformed into a true asset to the west side of Chicago, and an exciting new setting for the delivery of 21st century healthcare.” Perkins+Will.
Rush University Medical CenterLocation: Chicago, Illinois, USA 
Architects: Perkins+Will 
Principal in Charge: Perkins+Will, James Zajac, AIA 
Principal Designers: Ralph Johnson, FAIA, Jerry Johnson, AIA 
Principal Planner: Jocelyn Frederick 
Project Directors: Bridget Lesniak, Walter Bissonnette 
Architect and Interior Designer: Robert Cohoon, Rod Vickroy, Jason Rosenblatt, Barbara Burnett, James Nowak, Jack Lesniak, John Moorhead, Tom Demetrion, Jose Valeros, Brent Hussong, Laura Zimmer, Patricia Canedo, Zahra Makki, Jeff Saad, Marvina Williams, Dennis O’Malley, Milan Miladinovich, JB Park, Justin Aleo, Michael Tucker 
Project Team: Carlos Barillas, Sawat Tulyathorn, Nathan Fell, Paul Stovesand, Rebecca Cox, Aaron Manns, Joachim Schuessler, Hugo Prill, Young Sup Park, Matt Booma, Bernard Chung, Gelacio Arias, Scott Blindauer, Crister Cantrell, Daniel Ferrario, Leigh Allen, Jennifer Merchant, Hannah Jefferies, Remiko Kitazawa, Michelle Malecha, Andrew Broderick, Matthew Williams, Michelle Hale Stern 
Mechanical and Electrical Engineer: Environmental Systems Design (ESD) 
Structural Engineer: Thornton Tomasetti 
Civil Engineer: Terra Engineering 
Construction Manager: Power Jacobs Joint Venture
Landscape Architect: Hitchcock Design Group, Hoerr Schaudt
Lighting Designer: HDLC
Acoustical: Cerami Associates
Size: 830,000 gross square feet 
Cost: $398 million 
Client: Rush University Medical Center 
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