Search wins Urban Renewal of Marievik competition

Urban Renewal of Marievik

Urban Renewal of MarievikSeARCH has won the international competition for the urban renewal of ‘Marievik’.
Urban Renewal of MarievikThe plan is located along one of the main access roads into central Stockholm, opposite the island of Södermalm and facing the new bridge by Norman Foster.
Urban Renewal of MarievikSeARCH has proposed a glasshouse or winter garden with an adaptable quality. It opens up completely in summer and gives way to numerous possibilities of use.
Urban Renewal of MarievikInside is the new outside, as an asset to the beautiful public spaces and quays as Marievik already has.
Urban Renewal of MarievikBy making a glasshouse we’ve extended ‘the outdoor season’ to almost a full year but when the bay is frozen, the sun is shining and dry cold air makes the winter day, the glasshouse can open up completely as well.

Urban Renewal of MarievikIn close cooperation with the real estate agency AMF and the City of Stockholm, SeARCH will start with the urban planning procedures. 
Urban Renewal of MarievikLocation: Stockholm Marievik, Sweden
Architect: SeARCH
Size: 70,000 m²
Year: 2013
Client: AMF and the City of Stockholm
Images: SeARCH, Laura Alvarez

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