Sennkka Pier Lounge by Nuvist Architecture and Design

Sennkka Pier Lounge

Sennkka Pier LoungeThe architects designed a platform for a private hotel on the beach in Antalya, a city on the Mediterranean coast of southwestern Turkey.
Sennkka Pier LoungeFeatures sophisticated fluid design to create harmony with its surrounding, the structures need to represent calmness and peacefulness.
Sennkka Pier LoungeThe project it has to blend perfectly with setting and its environment, inspired by water and wind formations.
Sennkka Pier LoungeThe architect explored all possibilities to provide the best area to do sun bathing, resting, and hosting events.
Sennkka Pier Lounge“We designed curvilinear lightness form which respect to visual peacefulness taste for a beach side area.
Sennkka Pier LoungeWe wanted to design more sophisticated and effective pier for beach side but also we did not want to a make an annoying solid structures” says the architects.
Sennkka Pier LoungeLocation: Antalya, Turkey 
Architects: Nuvist Architecture and Design 
Site: 1500 m2
Building: 900 m2 
Year: 2013
Sennkka Pier Lounge Sennkka Pier Lounge Sennkka Pier Lounge Sennkka Pier Lounge Sennkka Pier Lounge Sennkka Pier Lounge

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