USP Library Competition by And-Ré

USP Library

USP LibraryA library defined by a continuous vertical visual and phisical flow, achieved by the connection of floors with usable stairs.
USP LibraryA library without boundaries, allowing flexibility and future space adaptability. A system defined by sensitive relationship between floors.
USP LibraryThe elements of vertical circulation assume the goal of transforming the building into an interesting fluid organism, with enhanced social dynamic and diversifying the uses and forms of library enjoyment.
USP LibraryLocation: Sao Paulo, Brazil 
Architects: AND-RÉ + SPACEGROUP + Maria Rodrigues de Azevedo
Project Team: Bruno André, Francisco Salgado Ré, Catarina Fernandes, Fernando Ferreira, Filipe Paixão, Maria Clara Rodrigues de Azevedo, Mariana Alves, Maria Teresa Ferreira, Silvia Acar 
Area: 3352 m2 
Year: 2013 
Promotor: library committee of the university of law at USP
USP Library USP Library

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