White Bay Cruise Terminal by Johnson Pilton Walker Architects

White Bay Cruise Terminal

White Bay Cruise TerminalThe site of the proposed Cruise Passenger Terminal at White Bay Wharf No.5 is located on the northern shore of White Bay, within the south eastern portion of the Balmain Peninsula and opposite to Glebe Island.
White Bay Cruise TerminalThe White Bay site is part of Sydney’s industrial foreshore heritage. Its topography and numerous built structures demonstrate the many changing phases of the shipping industry and together these represent the historical importance of the port industries to the development of Sydney.
White Bay Cruise TerminalThe proposal seeks to create an iconic building; a pavilion that accommodates a diverse range of functions and appreciates its unique context.
White Bay Cruise TerminalThe design takes advantage of the high-visibility of the site from the harbour and iconographic nature of the arrival and departure procession.
White Bay Cruise TerminalIt invites the opportunity to welcome and excite visitors with a unique and expressive building. The building orientates to the significant landmarks of Sydney Harbour and references significant aspects of site history to create a distinctive sense of place for the visitor.
White Bay Cruise TerminalThe Iconographic element of the project is envisaged as a floating Roof Canopy that strongly expresses innovative ESD principles including natural ventilation and lighting. Functional spaces are inserted beneath the roof canopy and within a transparent pavilion between the rows of existing columns.
White Bay Cruise TerminalDuring the daytime, the dramatic roof gesture would be visible on approach from the Inner Harbour. During the Night-time, the underside would glow softly. There is the potential to naturally ventilate the building as well as fully seal the building to create an acoustic enclosure.
White Bay Cruise TerminalThe building services are designed for mixed mode to deliver a comfortable temperature range that relates to the particular activity with a low energy response. The dramatic roof form is orientated to the City which creates a welcoming and expressive gesture and provides an iconic point of arrival and departure within the main Harbour.
White Bay Cruise TerminalThrough intelligent planning and material selection, the building respects adjacent neighbouring areas by minimising light spillage and noise transmission. The overall height and form of the roof respect the existing landform and improve residential views from above.
White Bay Cruise Terminal“Sydney is a major destination for the cruise passenger industry, and visitation is expected to significantly grow over the next few decades.  The new terminal at White Bay will help Sydney strengthen its role as the region’s major cruise destination.
White Bay Cruise TerminalThe design takes advantage of the site’s unique setting within the harbour, with excellent views to the city skyline. A floating roof canopy, slung from an existing crane gantry, provides highly flexible column free spaces for a variety of uses” says the architects.
White Bay Cruise TerminalLocation: White Bay Wharf 5, Sydney, Australia
Architects: Johnson Pilton Walker(JPW)
Contract Value: $34.0 mil.
Contract Type: Detailed Design and Construct
Year: 2013

Client: Sydney Ports Corporation
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