Albert Camus Library and Conservatory by de-so

Albert-Camus-Library-and-Conservatory-by-de-so 01This Music Academy is situated at the end of “Henri Fabre” Park and surrounds a planted patio. The windows of the reading room are open towards the forest.
Albert-Camus-Library-and-Conservatory-by-de-so 02The Albert Camus Multimedia Library and the Albert Magnard Conservatory are the result of exploration into a building’s filters, skin and volume.
Albert-Camus-Library-and-Conservatory-by-de-so 03The mineral exterior skin references the color and patterns of Sumerian Cuneiform script on clay tablets – one of humanity’s first known systems of writing.
Albert-Camus-Library-and-Conservatory-by-de-so 04The façade’s texture rustles like foliage and filters the exterior light. The two contrasting programmatic functions of this cultural building coexist in the same horizontal volume. 
Albert-Camus-Library-and-Conservatory-by-de-so 05The building is inserted lightly in the lightly sloping terrain. In the heart of the building, a central staircase drops below a highly luminous atrium. It guides the visitors to the 100-place theatre situated on the basement level.
Albert-Camus-Library-and-Conservatory-by-de-so 06The project’s layered interior concrete uses mineral density to give the impression of natural mass, while providing softness to the interior circulation and library reading room.
Albert-Camus-Library-and-Conservatory-by-de-so 12This sustainable project camouflages its technical equipment on the roof. The Solar panels, roof-top garden and natural materials all contribute towards a calm environment.
Albert-Camus-Library-and-Conservatory-by-de-so 13The Music Conservatory’s spaces are organized around a central courtyard, opening out to the north for the musicians, and to the forest for the library. The project is accompanied by the renovation of its surrounding park, including an open-air amphitheater and a landscaped car park.
Albert-Camus-Library-and-Conservatory-by-de-so 08Location: Évry, France
Architects: de-so
Architect In Charge: François Defrain, Olivier Souquet
Collaborators: Youngsong Park, Matthieu Janand, P. Reynes
Structural Engineering: OTE Ingénierie
Mechanical/Plumbing/ Electrical Engineering: OTE
Graphic Design: Atelier 59
Area: 2,710 sqm
Year: 2013
Client: Community of Agglomeration EVRY-ESSONNE
Photographs: Hervé Abbadie

Albert-Camus-Library-and-Conservatory-by-de-so 07 Albert-Camus-Library-and-Conservatory-by-de-so 14 Albert-Camus-Library-and-Conservatory-by-de-so 09 Albert-Camus-Library-and-Conservatory-by-de-so 10 Albert-Camus-Library-and-Conservatory-by-de-so 11 Albert-Camus-Library-and-Conservatory-by-de-so 15 Albert-Camus-Library-and-Conservatory-by-de-so 16 Albert-Camus-Library-and-Conservatory-by-de-so 17

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