Showroom and Art Gallery by UA Studio 7

Showroom-and-Art-Gallery-by-UA-Studio-701The site is situated in the middle of an artificial lake in south-east Shanghai, China. Being the first to be completed and the focal point of the 5 commercial buildings planned, the showroom is intended to become a remarkable landmark for the new development.
Showroom-and-Art-Gallery-by-UA-Studio-702The circular shape of the floor plans was determined by the dialogue with the waterfront, giving it a 270° lake view that is reminiscent of a lighthouse at the tip of the peninsula.
Showroom-and-Art-Gallery-by-UA-Studio-703A wooden podium rises from the ground and becomes a 5 meter-high viewing point. This way, the promenade and the landscape are combined integrating nature and architecture.
Also, the buildings unique façade treatment creates a cloud like texture. The vertical fins have variations in orientation, responding to interior space functions requiring various natural light solutions.
Showroom-and-Art-Gallery-by-UA-Studio-704At night, LED lights integrated in the vertical fins create a surreal reflection of a “colorful cloud” on the lake`s surface. The building will function as a showroom while the area develops and will later become an community based art gallery.
Showroom-and-Art-Gallery-by-UA-Studio-705Location: Huanhu North 1st Road, Shanghai, China 
Architect: UA Studio 7 
Project Team: Yu Zhifeng (Director), Zhou Jungang (Project Manager), Yin Shun, Li Yaojing, Yin Shanhong, Ye Yulin 
Number of stories: 5 
Site size: 4248 m2 
Building area: 1874 m2 
Buget: 3200000 USD 
Building Status: ongoing building work 
Year: 2013 
Client: GreenLand Group
Showroom-and-Art-Gallery-by-UA-Studio-706 Showroom-and-Art-Gallery-by-UA-Studio-707 Showroom-and-Art-Gallery-by-UA-Studio-708 Showroom-and-Art-Gallery-by-UA-Studio-709 Showroom-and-Art-Gallery-by-UA-Studio-710

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