The Winners for London Cinema Challenge

The-winners-for-London-Cinema-Challenge01The challenge of the competition is to design a cinema, located on Newman Street in central London.

First prize: Cine’stival by Etienne Fabre and Jean-Emmanuel David
The-winners-for-London-Cinema-Challenge02Project description: “Cine’stival provides an insightful take on the state of cinema today. Anchored in research, the proposal offers a beautifully visualized response to the issue at hand. By inviting the public to fully participate in all aspects of the cinematic experience, the mix of program reinforces the proposal’s premise, with the architectural space corresponding appropriately.
The-winners-for-London-Cinema-Challenge03As a venue dedicated to promoting independent movies and at the same time inviting the general public to take part in Q&A’s and lectures, Cine’stival presents an interesting and credible way of maintaining the cinema as vigorous part of culture in the future. The coherent presentation ties it all together into a fully dedicated and accessible film festival venue – a truly rare thing these days.”

Second prize: Symbiotic Venue by Nada Alqallaf and Jaime Sevilla
The-winners-for-London-Cinema-Challenge04Project description: “By incorporating a film school into the cinema allows the proposal to grow beyond being ‘a cinema and a school that happens to share the same building’.
The-winners-for-London-Cinema-Challenge05This is strengthened by the architectural composition, which works very well with the idea: the concept of looking back towards the English theatre creates a design that allows audience and students to effortlessly enter a symbiotic relationship, enriching the experience of both parties. Using the interstitial space as another theatrical vehicle allows everyday uses, such as circulation within the building, to become another opportunity for spectator viewing.”

Third prize: Peep(le) Show by Shuping Liu and Jackie Krasnokutskaya
The-winners-for-London-Cinema-Challenge06Project description: “Building on curiosity, Peep(le) Show aims to attract people into the world of cinema by playing on peoples native inclination to observe and explore. By offering much more than just a glimpse into the production side of the industry, Peep(le) Show invites an audience straight into the heart of film production.
The-winners-for-London-Cinema-Challenge07The simple black box opens up to a dynamic interior, designed to meet the needs of both professionals and general public, at the same time allowing for subtle overlaps and encounters. The appropriate presentation style adds a final touch to the proposal.”

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