BORA HotSpaResort by Studio Bruno Franchi

Bora-HotSpaResort-by-Franchi-Dannenberg-Architecture01On May 1st 2013 an innovative hotel concept, the BORA HotSpaResort opens its doors to the public, a first class hotel located in an exclusive position on the west bank of lake Constance in Radolfzell.
Bora-HotSpaResort-by-Franchi-Dannenberg-Architecture02The four star designer Hotel with 84 rooms and suites is the first of its kind in Germany conceived according to a holistic concept of a Hot Spa. In this wellness world guests experience warmth in all its facets.
Bora-HotSpaResort-by-Franchi-Dannenberg-Architecture03The future HotSpa arises from the already existing BORA sauna world with direct access to the lake and idyllic lawns for relaxation.
It is equipped with Finnish, Ground and Smoke saunas, plus a Kelo sauna. A Sanarium,  a steam bath and a unique Japanese Onsen bath, also the first of its kind in Germany, is the finishing touch to the Hot Spa.
Bora-HotSpaResort-by-Franchi-Dannenberg-Architecture04Natural and premium-quality materials such oak wood and linen were widely used in the modern architecture and elegant interior design of the BORA Hot Spa Resort. Unusual colour concepts play with contrasts of subtle and warmly radiating colours.
Bora-HotSpaResort-by-Franchi-Dannenberg-Architecture05The hotel has, besides a restaurant, a fully glassed Sky Lounge which boasts a phenomenal 180° lake view. In addition two seminar rooms and a working group room provide professional surroundings for meetings and trainings.
Bora-HotSpaResort-by-Franchi-Dannenberg-Architecture06The bora HotSpaResort is ideally located, lying on the west bank of Lake Constance in Radolfzell. The combination of an exclusive resort with a highly modern Hot Spa provides the hotel on one hand with the possibility of peace and quiet and a place to relax.
Bora-HotSpaResort-by-Franchi-Dannenberg-Architecture07The Radolfzell and the lake Constance region offer many opportunities for organizing your free time. These range from simply switching off and relaxing to a multitude of places to see and things to do in the surrounding area.
Bora-HotSpaResort-by-Franchi-Dannenberg-Architecture08Be it water sports like swimming, surfing, sailing or simply going for walks in the beautiful countryside, from bycycle tours around the lake to playing a round of golf, there is something for everyone.
Bora-HotSpaResort-by-Franchi-Dannenberg-Architecture09Location: Radolfszell, Germany
Architects: Studio Bruno Franchi
Cooperation: Christina Biasi-von Berg, Biquadra/Meran
Project Team: Bruno Franchi, Michelangelo Pavia and Stefan Horn
Interior project: Biquadra/Meran
Year: 2013
Client: bora HotSpaResort

Bora-HotSpaResort-by-Franchi-Dannenberg-Architecture10 Bora-HotSpaResort-by-Franchi-Dannenberg-Architecture11 Bora-HotSpaResort-by-Franchi-Dannenberg-Architecture12 Bora-HotSpaResort-by-Franchi-Dannenberg-Architecture13 Bora-HotSpaResort-by-Franchi-Dannenberg-Architecture14 Bora-HotSpaResort-by-Franchi-Dannenberg-Architecture15 Bora-HotSpaResort-by-Franchi-Dannenberg-Architecture16 Bora-HotSpaResort-by-Franchi-Dannenberg-Architecture17 Bora-HotSpaResort-by-Franchi-Dannenberg-Architecture18 Bora-HotSpaResort-by-Franchi-Dannenberg-Architecture19 Bora-HotSpaResort-by-Franchi-Dannenberg-Architecture20 Bora-HotSpaResort-by-Franchi-Dannenberg-Architecture21 Bora-HotSpaResort-by-Franchi-Dannenberg-Architecture22

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