HAHN + KOLB Headquarters by Sigrid Hintersteininger Architects

Hahn Kolb Headquarters

The architecture of the company’s headquarters at the new location Ludwigsburg, to twelve kilometers north of Stuttgart in Germany.
Hahn Kolb HeadquartersThe project reflects the dynamism of this company, known for 115 years as the most innovative retail companies and system suppliers for tools, machines and equipment.
Hahn Kolb HeadquartersThe dynamic and innovative building providing its ideal atmosphere for visitors and for the approximately 300 employees with a modern and functional place of work.
Hahn Kolb HeadquartersA large green area between the center of logistics and distribution serves as a residence and recreation area with native trees and two retention basin, which provide the natural drainage of the roof and surface water, as well as the habitat with areas ofshallow water, reed beds , reeds, alders and willows.
Hahn Kolb HeadquartersEntering the building through the sales center, the inviting lobby space serves as an exhibition hall, displaying hahn + kolb products alongside other art collections, that extends with a height of 7.70 m over two floors.
Hahn Kolb HeadquartersIndependently accessible public space connects the two structures at ground and first floor levels, where a lounge area functions as a hub for the scheme, allowing colleagues and clients to hold impromptu meetings.
Hahn Kolb HeadquartersThe hall can be used as an external area for thetwo-storey restaurant which provides180 seats.
Hahn Kolb HeadquartersShared areas of the design alternate with administrative rooms, resulting in an interplay of programs throughout the scheme. A external patio at ground floor level brings natural light into the structure and ventilates adjacent offices.
Hahn Kolb HeadquartersThe 1,400 m2 of large roofs ensure integration visuallyand ecologically valuable dispensing of heat and air conditioning assisted witha heat pump.
Hahn Kolb HeadquartersThe photovoltaic cells are positioned across the center’s south façade, providing sustainable energy and minimizing the development’s carbon footprint. a ground source pump covers 70% of the building’s annual heating costs, while green roofs provide further levels of insulation.
Hahn Kolb Headquarters
Location: Ludwigsburg, Germany
Architect: Sigrid Hintersteininger architects
Area: 11,000 m2
Cost: € 54 mil.
Year: 2013
Client: HAHN + KOLB Group

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