New Sozave by MVSA Architecs

New-Sozawe-by-MVSA01The new SOZAWE (Social Services and Employment) will combine the services which are currently spread over the city of Groningen into one office building at location of Europapark, right next to the station.
New-Sozawe-by-MVSA02The new office building will be inviting and transparent. A building in which meeting and the human scale play a central role. The project will have a light and friendly appearance with plenty of daylight.
New-Sozawe-by-MVSA03The project shows its sustainable character through the use of green balconies, roof gardens and sedum roofs. And further more solar cells, underground energy storage and the use of rain water.
New-Sozawe-by-MVSA04Inside the building there will be interior gardens and atriums which will benefit a natural working environment. The varies services are arranged around the central plaza in the main atrium.
New-Sozawe-by-MVSA05Around 650 staff members work in the building; the office floors are set up according to the standards of The New Way of Working (Het Nieuwe Werken). 
New-Sozawe-by-MVSA06The new municipal public services building houses several departments of the City of Groningen, as well as the UWV (Public Employment Service) and the Groningse Kredietbank.
New-Sozawe-by-MVSA07Location:Europark, Groningen, Holland 
Architects: MVSA 
Architect In Charge: Meyer en Van Schooten Architecten 
Area: Ca. 25.000 m² 
Client: SOZAWE, City of Groningen 
Photographs: MVSA, Inko Tien, Richard Zeinstra
New-Sozawe-by-MVSA08 New-Sozawe-by-MVSA09 New-Sozawe-by-MVSA10 New-Sozawe-by-MVSA11 New-Sozawe-by-MVSA12

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