Office Park for Wison Headquarters by AS. Architecture

Office-park-for-Wison-headquarters-by-As-Architecture01This project conveys the spirit of the Zhangjiang developing neighborhood whose motto is: “an innovative district, a charming district”.
Office-park-for-Wison-headquarters-by-As-Architecture02The shape of the building is a dynamic illustration of the different entities of the Wison company.
Office-park-for-Wison-headquarters-by-As-Architecture03The façades and the roof are designed in compliance with the climatic features of the region where the buildings are located, taking into account fundamental parameters such as light, orientation as well as energy consumption.
Office-park-for-Wison-headquarters-by-As-Architecture04The cover, which is a large roof, corresponds to open-air meeting areas. The central volume connects the five buildings, all of which have different uses.
Office-park-for-Wison-headquarters-by-As-Architecture05The transparent ground floors, with open spaces, enable the visitors to better understand the position of entrances and exits while clearing views.
Office-park-for-Wison-headquarters-by-As-Architecture06This project represents a continuous and complementary addition to the “Zhangjiang Engineering Park” center, which is already a built area.
Office-park-for-Wison-headquarters-by-As-Architecture07With its bold shape, Wison new headquarters offers a spatial layout reflecting the society itself.
Office-park-for-Wison-headquarters-by-As-Architecture08On the southern part, it opens on the Zhongke street with a “piazza” at the entrance. On the western side, the buildings open their doors towards the river bank and the surrounding landscape.
Office-park-for-Wison-headquarters-by-As-Architecture09Location: Shanghai, China
Structural engineer: Shanghai Johnson architectural & engineering designing consultants ltd.
Site area: 43,000 m2
Construction area: 139,830 m2
Cost: $ 150,000,000
Year: 2013
Client: Wison Chemical
Photographs: Olivier Marceny
Office-park-for-Wison-headquarters-by-As-Architecture10 Office-park-for-Wison-headquarters-by-As-Architecture11 Office-park-for-Wison-headquarters-by-As-Architecture12 Office-park-for-Wison-headquarters-by-As-Architecture13 Office-park-for-Wison-headquarters-by-As-Architecture14 Office-park-for-Wison-headquarters-by-As-Architecture16 Office-park-for-Wison-headquarters-by-As-Architecture17

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