ONE57 by Christian De Portzamparc

One57-by-Christian-de-Portzamparc01ONE57 West 57th Street is Extell’s new flagship residential tower and hotel development, designed by Christian de Portzamparc, a modern glass tower will transform the famed skyline of New York City.
One57-by-Christian-de-Portzamparc02The project needed to solve the dual challenge of building the highest residential tower in New York during an emerging economic crisis on a highly irregular site. The lots finally acquired by the promoter form an « L » shape.
One57-by-Christian-de-Portzamparc03Christian de Portzamparc draws on this complexity to provide the main thrust of his design. The result is a composition of geometric forms generated by the city’s alignment regulations, the air rights specific to this site, and by structural requirements.
One57-by-Christian-de-Portzamparc04Each vertical element culminates in curved forms which either shelter terraces with views on Central Park or collide with the main core.
One57-by-Christian-de-Portzamparc05The form designed to accentuate the vertiginous upward move- ment of the tower terminates in a gesture with the same form, offering a recognizable silhouette on the New York skyline.
One57-by-Christian-de-Portzamparc06A vertical pattern of contrasting stripes comprised of two different glass types (with uniform visibility from the interior distinguish both north and south façades and evoke the energetic cascade of New York’s verticality.
One57-by-Christian-de-Portzamparc07In contrast the lateral sides of the form evoke a « Klimt-like » pattern that fluctuates with the constantly changing light exposure.
One57-by-Christian-de-Portzamparc08This variation in theme was a necessity designed to contrast the perpendicular sides, emphasizing the polarity of the work, a key parameter generated by its views over Central Park.
One57-by-Christian-de-Portzamparc09Location: New York, USA
Architect: Christian de Portzamparc 
Executive Architect: SLCE
Interior Design Residences: Thomas Juul-Hansen
Interior Design Hotel: Yabu Pushelberg
Area: 74,353 sq.m.
Height: 1004’5’’ ft / 306 m – 75 floors
Client: Extell Development Company
One57-by-Christian-de-Portzamparc10 One57-by-Christian-de-Portzamparc11 One57-by-Christian-de-Portzamparc12 One57-by-Christian-de-Portzamparc13 One57-by-Christian-de-Portzamparc14 One57-by-Christian-de-Portzamparc15 One57-by-Christian-de-Portzamparc16 One57-by-Christian-de-Portzamparc17

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