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The Crown House deserves its name both due to the form of its exterior but also due to being a crowning architectural achievement of the polish architectural practice of
It is just one more example of home and building designs which take us a step into the future combining nature’s surroundings, hard geometric lines, and bold artistic vision.
Shaped like a crown, the home is characterized by the sharp lines that make up its exterior walls, their white color in stark contrast with the dark depths of the lake upon which it sits.
The exterior geometry uses sharp lines and white walls to provide a strong contrast with the surroundings, namely the depths of the lake in the middle of which it is sitting.
The area is absolutely gorgeous, and the secluded lakeside house offers splendid views all around it.
The modern design extends through a terrace towards the lake that ensures peace and quiet, and on the other side the house can be reached through an elegant and beautifully illuminated platform either by car or by foot.
There is a garage ready for an automobile and the light spots focus on two sculptural tree trunks that give the place a unique grasp of nature and art.
The rendering for the house was done by the graphic designer Michal Nowak and the result is quite stunning.
Location: EU 
Area: 160 m2 
Usable area: 250 m2 
Year: 2013 
Visualization: OMI Media Production & Michael Nowak 
Phase of the project: concept


  1. the house is beautiful – while i’m all for living in secluded areas, can’t help feel that it’s situation is so prominent, it imposes itself for miles around, in an otherwise wild and untouched area, which i’m not so keen on. prefer to have an unspoilt lake , without the ego;)

    1. saying that, it is beautifully done. be curious to see it imagined from a distance to see how it fits with the surrounding wilderness and landscape x

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