Bubbles by Orproject

Orproject proposes the construction of an enclosed park within the city. The park houses a botanical garden, the air inside the park is clean, and temperature and humidity are controlled throughout the year.
The buildings surrounding the park, which are connected to the controlled air system, can house apartments, offices and retail, but may also offer sports or medical facilities which make specific use of the healthy air.
Environmental Considerations
The geometry of the light-weight structural system has been generated using an algorithm which simulates the development of veins in leaves or butterfly wings.
The heating and cooling of the air is done through a ground source heat exchange system. Electricity for the project can be generated by solar cells integrated into the canopy surface. Botanical Gardens have been built in many world cities. They are attractions for tourists and recreational facilities for the inhabitants of the city.
Both children and adults can experience nature and learn about the plants of the park. Inside the green houses, the temperature and humidity are controlled throughout the year, which allows the growth of plants from any climate. The plants and landscapes from all over the world can be placed inside the Bubbles project.
Economic Construction System
The idea of covering larger areas of a city by a transparent surface has most famously been proposed by Buckminster Fuller with his dome over New York, but his proposal was conceptual and would not be feasible to construct. However, Orproject together with a specialist contractor has developed a new type of construction system which is light-weight and affordable.
The proposed roof system can be used to enclose an urban botanical garden, but the system also lends itself for many other applications at various scales: It can be used to economically enclose playgrounds or school yards, it can form the atrium of an office building or shopping mall, or it can be used to cover the gardens of an apartment.

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