Cubes of San Pedro by 21 Arquitectura

Cubes of San Pedro is a project designed by the Mexican 21 Arquitectura studio which is occupied by the architect Manuel Romero.
Born of the need to create a space of comfort because of its location the temperatures are very high and any place that generates a shadow is vital. It is located on the outskirts of the city of La Paz BCS in a country cottages land called San Pedro.
Made with wooden pallets 3 cubes of different sizes where the smallest of all house a container of water for own use by users and site maintenance project, the other remaining two are intended to provide shade and comfort needed to their stay.
The sustainability of this project is based on the use of discarded materials such as are wooden pallets and reclaimed wood, from conceptualization thought develop as an emerging architecture and due to customer acceptance will remain as it is referred to as first stage of the final project.
Location: San Pedro, Mexico 
Architects: 21 Arquitectura 
Architect in Charge: Manuel Romero 
Renders: 21 Arquitectura 
Area: 700 m2 
Projected Area: 49.64 m2 
Year: 2014 
Status: start construction 
Owner: Private Client

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