Moai Pension by Studio Koossino

The project is inspired by the interpretation of Easter Island’s Maoi statues as milestones of Mother Nature, the Korean firm Studio Koossino created a asymmetrical design that alludes to the monolithic monuments.
The Moai, located in Gapyeong, an hour and a half away from Seoul, provides workers running urban life with an opportunity to take a rest in the bosom of nature.
The Moai is perceived as a milestone by people headed for the Arboretum and remains as a memorable object. The mass of the Moai located changing its course little by little along the gentle slope is emphasised as a consistent form.
The 6000 m2 site has a 10m slope. In order to make active use of the inclined plane, a horizontal mass was inserted in the core.
The architects also included a single-story community building at the east end of the site that includes a cafe, recreational facilities, and a rooftop pool.

To create continuity, all the buildings are lined up in a row and feature cantilevered upper floors wrapped in bright yellow cladding.07-Moai-Pension-by-Studio-KoossinoThe outer surface was painted in yellow with a stark contrast to the natural colour while the inner atypical space was painted in homogeneous white to maximise the diffusion of light.08-Moai-Pension-by-Studio-KoossinoThe light that comes through the scuttle and the side slit window induces the volume of the space in various ways. The ground floor consisted of an open deck, a stand-alone swimming pool and a kitchen.09-Moai-Pension-by-Studio-KoossinoThe extended upper floor linked bathroom and bedroom so as to allow a visitor to look at the surrounding landscape. The space of Moai is a place to confess, which feels calm.10-Moai-Pension-by-Studio-KoossinoIt has a spacious ground in which people can assimilate with nature and walk along the light and sound of the universe and surrounding landscape.


Location: Gapyeong, Korea 
Architects: studio KOOSSINO
Architect In Charge: Seung Min Koo
Structure: reinforced concrete
Site area: 3258.00 sqm
Building area: 594.49 sqm
Gross floor area: 559.05 sqm
Building coverage ratio: 20.00%
Year: 2012 -14

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