New Casino by Data Architects

Composed of six blocks containing the different entities of the program and arranged mainly on a single level, this new complex offers a clear and simple internal route through the large glass-roofs taken between these six volumes.
This formal and organizational system allows the addition of new volumes and thus easily integrate possible future expansion of the complex.
These programatic blocks are designed using a unique bi-partite typology, consisting of a clear metal upper stratum and a glazed lower stratum whose nature varies depending on the program contained.
The upper part in expended aluminium sheet includes all the technical components of the blocks (heating system, AC, lighting, surveillance cameras, …), and so it frees the glass lower part on which it is placed of any constraints.
This glazed part of the facade offers great transparences from the public areas to the inner patios, giving to the whole buiding a feeling of lightness and openness to the lanscape.
Mixed-use leisure building, containing a 1,000 sqm casino, a restaurant, a 100-seat conference room, bowling, bar, brewery, night club, several multimedia rooms, offices and workshops, parking for 250 cars.
Sustainability, transparency, quality and modernity are hallmarks of this new casino that offersarchitecture elegant and 360 ° views to the outside.
Location: Montrond-les-Bains, France 
Architect: DATA architects 
Local Architect: ATLAS 
Project Team: Léonard Lassagne, Colin Reynier, Eloïse Bosredon, Sylvia Bourgoin, David Lelong, Pierre Floch 
Consultants: BE Martin, EGIS, E2CA, Génie Acoustique, CSD Ingénieurs
Area: 4,000 sqm 
Budget: 10.6 M€ VAT free 
Year: 2013 
Client: Casino de Montrond-les-Bains, JOA 
Photos: Javier Callejas

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