Alkhozama Desert House by Ark-Kassam Architects

“Ark-Kassam Architects have created a contemporary residence design concept which is to be allocated on a knoll in the middle of a private Oasis palm, Al- Riyadh Desert.
Three Masses are forming the design of the house and defining the entry lobby with the Arcade courtyard and the interior garden. These volumes are the Service Mass, Living Mass with sunset view and Night Mass with sunrise view. 
All masses were organized in order to provide the needed shade for one another, creating the different atmospheric scales in between the indoor and the outdoor space protecting the house from extreme weather conditions.
All Masses are embroidered with Ornament walls and Roof Decorations which have been stimulated from one of the desert Flowers; Khzama Al-Shra’a.
Ornaments has not only a decorative aspect, but also a functional one which provides ventilation and light through the colored Glass creating a character through the House to the outside space, a contrast between lights and shadows.
Each space is a unique entity itself, yet it gives the feeling of lingering while giving a warmer feeling. Massing and materiality are configured to protect against the sun and hot dry desert climate.
The design was invested to minimize the physical impact on the house in such a strong environment with the ecological balance of a locality aiming to create a positive impact on the environment based on the local climate data.
The design purpose is to comply certain strategies such as total shading, building thermal mass, passive cooling system, Thermal solar, recycled gray water management, and Photovoltaic panels.
The design, performance will obtain positive results, to achieve 35% energy savings” Ark-Kassam Architects.
Location: Oasis palm, Riyadh Desert, Saudi Arabia
Architects: Ark-Kassam Architects
Project Architect:  Abdalrahim Kassam
Area: 1500 Sq. m
Design Year: 2014
Construction Year: 2014-2015
Client: Conser Co.

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