Mozarteum Brasileiro Theater by Valentiny HVP Architects

The supreme symbol of Música em Trancoso’s sustainability ideal is the Mozarteum Brasileiro Theater, the stage for many different cultural, social and educational activities, a true Cultural Center.
From the bold design by architect François Valentiny, with partners Sabine Lovatelli, Reinold Geiger and Carlos Eduardo Bittencourt, the Mozarteum Brasileiro Theatre has two different overlapped audiences, one indoor and one outdoor, each with 1,100 seats.
Design as well as acoustics of the theatre, are in charge of Valentiny architects, Luxemburg, known for their designs of cultural venues including the Concert Hall Saarbrücken (Germany), the House of Mozart – Kleines Festspielhaus Salzburg (Austria) and the Luxemburg Pavilion Expo 2010 in Shanghai.
In the future, the theatre will house various cultural and socio-educational activities, becoming a permanent center of cultural production. The Mozarteum Brasileiro Theatre also includes an annex, ”The Facilities” building, with eight rehearsal rooms, spacious bar and meeting rooms.
With a design which contrasts curves with triangular openings, totally integrated with the natural environment of Trancoso, the building brings imposing panels, etched in bronze, from the renowned Brazilian artist Maria Bonomi. The engravings refer to both the local nature with its impressive cliffs and the birth of the Brazilian nation.
In order to give the open-air concerts a worthy setting, François Valentiny has designed an amphitheater, which gives space to up to 1000 spectators and 100 musicians, excellent acoustics with a great panoramic view to the ocean.
Built as an alternative venue for the festival season 2012 this amphitheater fulfills all required parameters. Due to its exposed location on a plateau, the problem occurs that the sounds and music get lost in the vastness of the ocean.
To encounter this effect, curved surfaces were created to reflect the tones. Due to the massive construction of the rear walls of the theater with wood material the acoustics was improved.
With this geometry the natural acoustic effect of the canyon of Trancoso, which was originally planned as a venue is met. The idea is continued in the outer shell of the mobile structure fulfilling both the aesthetic and acoustic requirements.
The inner and outer walls of the structure are covered by a textile material reflecting the projection of light installations. Triangular incisions give the views of the countryside.

Location: Trancoso, Brazil
Architects: Valentiny HVP Architects
Partners: Sabine Lovatelli, Reinold Geiger and Carlos Eduardo Bittencourt
Artist: Maria Bonomi




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