New Hotel in Macau by Zaha Hadid

City of Dreams

City of DreamsZaha Hadid Architects have taken on the challenge of designing the fifth tower at City of Dreams, integrated entertainment resort in Macau, will host a new flagship hotel for the City of Dreams complex. The building is distributed over 40 levels, the lower three levels connect directly with the surrounding City of Dreams podium and house public functions and a Casino floor.
City of DreamsThe higher floors house around 780 hotel rooms with ancillary guest facilities exceeding 5 star hotel standards, specialty restaurants, a super lounge, a large pool and VIP gaming and villas on the top floors. The entrance brings the hotel guests directly within the grandiose atrium, a 40 meters high space which looks up into the voids.
City of DreamsThe Atrium is finished with elegant and simple materials, to give a sense of confidence and refinement. The Hotel Lobby gives direct access to the retail strip and the main gaming area at Ground level. The Atrium itself houses the main reception area, a lobby bar and a flexible installation space.
City of DreamsThe rectangular outline of the site is extruded in a monolithic block, where the sculpted void creates a blend of roof walls and ceilings without distinction of traditional architectural elements. The volume is emphasized with the use of an exposed exoskeleton mesh structure, where the definition of building itself is pushed towards its boundaries.
City of DreamsThe expressed structure defines a sensuous and intriguing form while providing the construction advantage of contributing to the building lateral stability and reduces the internal structural requirements optimizing the interior layout.The shape of the new tower establishes a unique relationship with its surroundings.

City of DreamsIt will become a strong presence and statement within the City of Dreams site as well as an urban reference for the Cotai strip, an area which is being interested by a series of new developments and for which the new Hotel will become a new iconic identity. Developed by Melco Crown Entertainment Limited, the construction on the new tower at City of Dreams is expected to open in early 2017.


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