Arpa New Headquarters by Mario Cucinella Architects

ARPA New Headquarters

The project winned an international competition for the design of a new building complex for offices and research laboratories. It covers an area of 5,000 square meters.
ARPA New HeadquartersThe customer required a property to be allocated to its offices that would meet the highest standards of architectural and environmental quality, and was characterized by a maximum level of environmental sustainability.
ARPA New HeadquartersThe new building surrounds a central courtyard, that’s the hub of the complex. The roof of the building, the so-called fifth facade, is the strongest design feature of the project.
ARPA New HeadquartersA series of chimneys give to the building a strong architectural identity while satisfying the technological requirements of the brief.
ARPA New HeadquartersThe chimneys are skylights that filter natural light, promote natural ventilation and reduce the need for mechanical cooling.
ARPA New HeadquartersOverall, the entire building works proactively with the local microclimate meeting the technological needs manifested in the briefing.
ARPA New HeadquartersAll the workspaces are open to the outside by the inclusion of green courtyards creating an alteration of soid void – indoor-outdoor micro-environment that break up and define the building volumes
ARPA New HeadquartersLocation: Ferrara, Italy
Architects: Mario Cucinella architects
Project Team: Mario Cucinella , Michele Olivieri (construction site responsible), Francesco Barone (architect in charge), Caterina Maciocco, Antonella Maggiore, Giulio Pisciotti, Luca Stramigioli, Debora Venturi,
Model maker: Natalino Roveri
Structural engineering: Tecnopolis S.P.A.
Wood structures: SWS Engineering
Bioclimatic study: TIFS Ingegneria
Electrical engineering: Tecnopolis S.P.A.
Construction business: Montelaghi S.p.A.
Suppliers: Novello Ambiente S.p.A. (wood); Base S.p.A. (fixtures)
3D Rendering Engram Studio
Area: 5.000 sqm
Budget: 4.000.000 €
Year: 2006 – current project (under construction)
Client: Arpa Ferrara Surface
Photos: MCA Archive
ARPA New Headquarters ARPA New Headquarters ARPA New Headquarters ARPA New Headquarters

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