China Pavilion Expo 2015 by Tsinghua University & Link-Arc

“Rejecting the typical notion of a pavilion as an object in a plaza, Studio Link-Arc’s winning proposal for the China Pavilion is conceived as a field of spaces. Designed as a cloud floating over a “field of hope”, this roof creates a sheltered public space that incorporates the building’s exhibition program and creates an iconic image for the project.
China-Pavilion-Expo-2015-by-Link-Arc-02         China-Pavilion-Expo-2015-by-Link-Arc-11The theme for the Chinese Pavilion is “The Land of Hope.” The project embodies this theme in part through its undulating roof, derived by merging the profile of a city (on the northern side) with the profile of a landscape (on the southern side), expressing the idea that “hope” can be realized when nature and city exist in harmony.
China-Pavilion-Expo-2015-by-Link-Arc-03The project’s floating canopy is designed as a timber structure that references the traditional Chinese “raised-beam” system, but is adapted for modern construction technology. Referencing Chinese culture and history, the canopy is covered in shingled bamboo panels that shade the spaces below.
China-Pavilion-Expo-2015-by-Link-Arc-04The building’s ground plane (the “field of hope”) is defined by a landscape of wheat (acknowledging China’s agrarian past) that transitions to a multimedia installation in the center.
China-Pavilion-Expo-2015-by-Link-Arc-06The project’s exhibition programs, located on this ground plane, are experienced as a sequence of spaces, beginning with an exterior waiting area in the landscape, leading to a themed exhibition space with interactive installations.
China Pavilion Expo 2015After this, visitors are guided up a gently sloped ramp to a platform above the main exhibition space. The sequence concludes with visitors stepping outside the building onto a roof terrace that enjoys expansive views of the Expo grounds”. Description of architects.
China-Pavilion-Expo-2015-by-Link-Arc-07Location: Milan, Italy
Architects: Tsinghua University & Studio Link-Arc
Chief Architect: Yichen Lu (Tsinghua University + Studio Link-Arc)
Associate In Charge: Kenneth Namkung, Qinwen Cai (Studio Link-Arc)
Project Team: Shuning Fan, Hyunjoo Lee, Dongyul Kim, Alban Denic, Zach Grzybowski, (Studio Link-Arc)
Structural Engineer: Simpson Gumpertz & Heger
Enclosure Engineer: Elite Facade Consultants + ATLV
MEP Engineer: Beijing Qingshang Environmental Art & Architectural Design
Design Director: Dan Su, Yue Zhang (Tsinghua University)
Chief Designer: Yi Du (Tsinghua University)
Exhibition Design: Yanyang Zhou, Danqing Shi (Tsinghua University)
Landscape Design: Xiaosheng Cui (Tsinghua University)
Interior Design: Jiansong Wang (Tsinghua University)
Installation Design: Danqing Shi, Feng Xian (Tsinghua University)
Lighting Design: Yi Du (Tsinghua University)
Visual Identity Design: Xin Gu (Tsinghua University)
Area: 4,000 sqm
Year: 2014
Client: China Council for the Promotion of International Trade
China-Pavilion-Expo-2015-by-Link-Arc-09 China-Pavilion-Expo-2015-by-Link-Arc-08 China-Pavilion-Expo-2015-by-Link-Arc-10

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