Health Centre for The Deaconess Foundation by AART Architects


The health centre will be built alongside the Deaconess Foundation’s historic brick buildings around an atrium that will become the foundation’s new meeting place and outwards face towards the city. The health centre will be located on Peter Bangs Vej in Frederiksberg, Denmark. The health centre will form an angle with balconies opening the centre up towards the atrium.
Health-centre-for-the-Deaconess-Foundation-by-AART-Architects-01The existing brick façades will make up the other two walls in the glass-covered atrium, which will filter the daylight and draw it far into the house. The health centre will thereby be built alongside the existing brick buildings around the atrium, which will become the Deaconess Foundation’s new meeting place with a cafeteria, café, meeting rooms and space for exhibitions and larger events.
Health-centre-for-the-Deaconess-Foundation-by-AART-Architects-02The atrium has been designed as an open, public space, while the healthcare specialties will be distributed around the atrium in the health centre and the existing brick buildings. The medical specialties consist of private general practitioners, psychologists and other healthcare specialties, exercise facilities, a Living Lab for the testing of welfare technology and much more. Inspired by the core values of the Deaconess Foundation, the tree has been used as a metaphor for the health centre.
Health-centre-for-the-Deaconess-Foundation-by-AART-Architects-03Drawing inspiration from the tree, the health centre has been designed as a warm, friendly building that embraces people with many different needs, but who are brought together under one roof, under one treetop, that gathers the many functions and makes the Deaconess Foundation visible to the public. In the evening, the exterior will change character as the interior light penetrates the façade’s openings and illuminates the area around Peter Bangs Vej.


Health-centre-for-the-Deaconess-Foundation-by-AART-Architects-05Location: Frederiksberg, Denmark
Architect: AART architects
Engineering: MOE Consulting Engineers
Size: 8,600 m2
Status: Starting up
Developer: The Deaconess Foundation

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