Infinity by Crown Landmark Tower Designed by Koichi Takada Architects

The relationship between the public and residential activation has become intrinsic to the concept of ‘Infinity by Crown’. The design features are represented in the blend of two loops; one designed to activate the public plaza and streetscape, the other providing amenity and open space for residents.
Infinity-by-Crown-by-Koichi-Takada-Architects-01The feature loop provides an iconic and recognizable form in the skyline, with a strong presentation to, and activation of the public domain. The residential loop, oriented due north, lets sun and breeze into the public loop and central courtyard throughout the year, making it an inviting and attractive space for the public to gather.
Infinity-by-Crown-by-Koichi-Takada-Architects-02The continuing loop, as it tilts toward the plaza, defines and enhances the connection to the public domain and protection of the solar access to the adjacent Green Square Plaza. The unique garden terraces provide a gentle transition into the urban fabric, relating to the ambitions of a lively, connected, green and sustainable master plan.
Infinity-by-Crown-by-Koichi-Takada-Architects-03The two loops connect, becoming a seamless and continuous part of the architectural fabric. The resulting design is one that is fluid, connected, activated and responsive to the urban context of Green Square Town Centre and its desire for a new vision of architecture.
Infinity-by-Crown-by-Koichi-Takada-Architects-04Location: 301-303 Botany Road, Green Square, Sysney, Australia
Architecture and Interior Design: Koichi Takada Architects
Structural Engineer: Van Der Meer Consulting
Engineers: BSE Engineers
Status: Development Application
Client: Crown International Holdings Group

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